Forever First Love has been bought for release in 20 countries! In a major coup, the movie will be theatrically screened at dozens of cinemas across the United States and Canada on 10 September and across the UK and Ireland on 3 September by Vertical Entertainment, the number one indie US distributor. Other sales include South America (A2 Distribuidora), Italy (RAI), Korea (Movement Pictures), China (Wingsight), India and south east Asia (Star Entertainment).

Carlos Alperin, Galloping Entertainment, Brisbane based international sales agent, brokered the deals. “It’s fantastic for a low budget independent feature to gain traction with a major player in the industry. Most of the films that made it to screens in the last year have largely been action-based or filled with superheroes, with almost no love stories so there is a real demand for new content in the market and this one proves you don’t need a big budget to create a great story.  Forever First Love offers a point of difference and is welcomed by local audiences,” Carlos said.