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Galloping Entertainment is a boutique international Film & TV Sales Agency renowned for its carefully curated catalogue of award-winning and commercially successful films. With a focus on diverse genres including Period Drama, Thrillers, Love Stories, Sci-Fi, Action Feature Films, TV Series, and impactful Documentaries covering Environmental, Political, and Social issues, Galloping Entertainment caters to a global audience seeking captivating storytelling.

Established in 2002, Galloping Entertainment has emerged as a prominent player in the film and television industry. Over the years, the company has participated in 125 international film and TV markets, including prestigious markets such as Marche du Film, MIPTV, MIPDoc, MIP Junior & MIPCOM (Cannes), Tribeca (New York), AFM & LA Screenings (Los Angeles), EFM (Berlin), Filmart (Hong Kong), Asia Film Market (Busan), TIFF & Hot Docs (Toronto), IDFA (Amsterdam), and Ventana Sur (Buenos Aires).

At Galloping Entertainment, our mission is to connect exceptional content with audiences worldwide. We are dedicated to promoting cultural diversity, fostering creativity, and delivering impactful storytelling that transcends borders and inspires meaningful dialogue. Driven by a passion for cinema and television, Galloping Entertainment aims to remain at the forefront of the industry, continually expanding its catalogue and pioneering new avenues for distribution. Our vision is to be recognized as a trusted partner for producers and a leading destination for audiences seeking compelling entertainment.

With a network spanning all continents, Galloping Entertainment has established strategic alliances with independent producers worldwide. This extensive reach enables the company to bring compelling stories from diverse cultures to audiences around the globe. Additionally, Galloping Entertainment has forged alliances with renowned companies in the film and television industry, facilitating the distribution and sale of feature films, documentaries, and TV series. These partnerships underscore the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in content delivery. Some of our notable partnerships and clients include:

TV/Cable broadcasters: Nine Network, Ten Network, SBS, Foxtel & Fox Sports (Australia), Globosat (Brazil), Radio Canada, Super Channel & TVO (Canada), CCTV (China), D2 (Denmark), ARTE  (France/Germany), Documentary Channel, Sky & Maori TV (New Zealand), Hot & Yes (Israel), Press TV (Iran), Sky TV (Italy), NHK (Japan), Aljazeera (Qatar), RT (Russia), Mediacorp (Singapore), Mnet (South Africa), RTVE & TV3 (Spain), SVT (Sweden), Truecorp (Thailand), Here Networks, Free Speech TV, MHZ Networks, Olympusat & Somos TV (United States).

Distributors: America Video (Argentina), Studio U (Armenia), The Backlot Films (Australia), Peer Films (Belgium), A2 Distribuidora (Brazil), Hiltz Square & Juggernaut Pictures (Canada), Deep Red Media & Wingsight (China), Vapet (Czech Republic), Christiane Kieffer (France), ProFour (Hungary), Star Entertainment & Kothari (India), Irib (Iran), CDI & Wiz Media (Italy), Fine Films & United People (Japan), B-Side, Kim Media & Movement Pictures (Korea), Mi Media (Malaysia), TV4You (Portugal), Proi (Spain), Best Movie & MMSquare (Taiwan), Abacus, ACE Entertainment, High Fliers & Peccadillo Pictures (United Kingdom), Ariztical, BRI, Boyery Media, Exploration, Eye Film Releasing, Monarch Films, Multivisionaire Media, Netminds, Vision Films & Vertical Entertainment (United States).

VOD platforms:
Ozflix (Australia), The Green Channel (Canada), Shucae (India) GuideDoc (Spain), OD Media (The Netherlands), Channel Fuel, & FlixPremiere (United Kingdom), Bayview, Butaca, Canela, Cineverse,      Dreamscape, Fawesome, Freeve, InDemand, Newyonder, Nuestra, Plex, Pluto, Roku, Sling TV, VIX,  Vubiquity YouTube, Xumo (United States and Latam).

Sales agents: Amadeus Entertainment (UK), TwoThree Entertainment, WowNow Entertainment, Monarch Films, Netminds, Shami Entertainment, 8 Star Entertainment & Los Altos Entertainment (United States).

Inflight: Qantas (Australia), Encore Entertainment (Hong Kong), Stellar Inflight (Singapore).

Educational: Hoopla, Kanopy, Midwest, Facts on File, Pragda, ProQuest (United States).

Carlos Alperin

Carlos Alperin is a seasoned professional in the entertainment industry, boasting a comprehensive career spanning over 28 years. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Carlos’s early affinity for arts, films, and travel paved the way for his professional journey. Carlos’s hands-on experience in scriptwriting, editing, and documentary and feature film production across Argentina, Israel, and Japan equipped him with an in-depth understanding of the industry’s intricacies. This practical background enabled him to navigate the complexities of the global entertainment landscape with proficiency.

In 1988, Carlos’s journey led him to Brisbane, Australia, where he pursued a Master’s degree in film & TV at Griffith University. This academic pursuit complemented his practical knowledge, enhancing his expertise and preparing him for leadership roles.

Carlos’ most notable achievement is the establishment of Galloping Entertainment in 2002, an international sales agency that became a conduit for diverse content from around the world. Under his direction, Galloping Entertainment facilitated the distribution of captivating films, documentaries, and TV series, resonating with audiences on a global scale. Since 1994 Carlos has participated at more 125 film and TV markets and festivals including AFM, Berlin, Cannes, LA Screenings, Filmart, Ventana Sur, TIFFCOM, Busan, 37 Degrees South, Shanghai Int’l Film Festival, MIPTV, MIPCOM, MipDoc, MIP Junior, IDFA and Hot Docs where he licensed hundreds of films to international buyers.

His creative spirit has led him to develop, direct, and produce episodes of animated TV series, including the distinguished “Cosmo Kids,” recipient of the Australian AWG Monte Miller Award. Collaborative endeavors like “The Pup Pups” and “Bilby Blastoff” with Scottish TV underscore his innovative thinking and ability to cultivate engaging narratives across mediums.

Carlos’s influence extends to documentary and film production. From the multi-award-winning documentary “Raul the Terrible,” directed by Emmy award nominee David Bradbury, to producing the thriller “ICU” by Aash Aaron in Australia and the comedy “The Cost of Living,” directed by Veronica Craven in the United States, his involvement spans diverse genres and narratives. Carlos role in the historical drama “Sargent Matacho,” a multi-award-winning production directed by William Gonzalez in Colombia, stands as a testament to his global perspective.

As a producer, he has helped to develop the suspenseful $5 million Australian production “No Country without Horses,” to finance the production of the “$13 million Hungarian/ Mongolian/Australian co-production “1242: Gateway to the West,” and the evocative “$12.5 million British/Hungarian/Australian co-production “L’Inverno.”

Carlos’ role isn’t confined to the producer’s chair alone; he’s also an accomplished executive producer. Notable projects include the clever “$5 million “Food Fight,” and the comedic “Our Goddamn Wedding.”

In his pursuit of understanding industry changes, he became involved with the production of the adventure video game “Dawnbreakers” and the direction of the animated series “Dawn of Heroes.” Carlos Alperin’s multifaceted contributions are not confined to any one realm; they echo across the entire spectrum of entertainment. As a producer, sales agent, financier, and creative visionary, he brings a blend of energy and business acumen. His ability to identify exceptional content and talent, coupled with his outstanding negotiation skills, cements his legacy as an industry stalwart—one whose journey has not only enriched the field but has also shaped the global entertainment landscape as we know it.


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